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10855112_10205662860113647_5136716943878401870_o   Theatrical director, graduate of the performing arts-theatre from Gujarat University, participant in National theatre festival (Shimla).
Dhrunad Kamle has staged Madhu Rai’s ‘ASHWATHAMA’, Mahesh Elkunchwar’s ‘HOLI’, adaptation of Gorky’s  ‘Twenty-Six Men and a Girl’ and Shakespear’s ‘HEMLET’, Shophocles’s OEDIPUS, among others. Also acted in more than 50 plays.

He has been a part of numerous workshops on physical movements, theatrical techniques and intensive acting counting National school of drama. He has received awards for acting, play production & designing at State and National echelon.


*Best Director for the play Makbare ka Rakhwala [International theatre Olympiad 2009]

*Best Director for the play Makbare ka Rakhwala [IIM CHAOS 2010]

*Best Actor for the play KHUDA HAAFIZ [MICA Theatre Fest. 2010]

*Best Short Film for “ONE CUTTING SMILE” [directed by Dhrunad Kamle]

At present, he is a co-founder and intensively working member of Acktor’s Theatre.





Bhaumik Trivedi is a graduate from the Department of Theatre Arts in Gujarat. He has been involved in theatre since 2004. In the field of professional & untried theatre he has been working as an Actor, Director and Production Designer for the past 5 years. Attended several workshops on Acting, Direction and Production, he is also one of the founder and member of ACKTOR’S theatre.

He has participated in a number of theatre festivals and performed in different regions of India and received various awards at National & International juncture. He is also responsible for re-introducing ‘MANTO’ with entirely diverse explanation.


    Actor/ Writer/ Director
Abhinay Banker

Actor/ Writer / Director

Abhinay Banker, an independent Actor, Director and writer in Indian Cinema & theatre. He has worked with a number of experimental directors and designers from France, USA and Australia on body, mind, voice and Theatre Techniques. Acted in more than 70 plays including Mallika Sarabhai’s “Unsuni”, Jean Racine’s “Pheadre’In India”, Shakespear’s “Hemlet-O-Lear”, Bhas’s “Sharvilak”, Tagore’s “Visarjan”, Saadat Hasan Manto’s “Toba Tek Singh”, Gulzar’s “Khamoshiyan”, Madhu Rye’s “Ashwatthama”. Asaait Thaker’s Bhavai Vesh “Jasma Odan”.

At present he is working in Gujarati & Hindi Theatre/Films, Mumbai. Playing the leading character in Saumya Joshi’s “Wlcome Zindagi”, a milestone Gujarati play [considered in 5 best plays in the history of Gujarati Theatre]. Owning the credits of Director, Writer and actor for the creation of a very popular musical act based on the life of a very famous Punjabi poet Amrita Pritam “Main tenu phir milangi…. – a divine love story”. Being A Casting Director & the Associate Script writer of a benchmark urban Gujarati film “Kevi Rite jaish” was an experience to shape an expected change in Gujarati cinema, where else acting is always a passion and respire for his life.


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